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Impressions IPB Spring 2018 in Mosbach

Pictures of the semester

40 students joined the International Program in Business for the Spring 2018 semester. The international and German students received a global business education taught entirely in English by an international staff of professors.

Students from all over the world: Ecuador, the Netherlands, France, Finnland, South Korea and Hungary stayed for three months at the DHBW Mosbach and had the experience of a lifetime.

The IPB includes an intercultural mix of students, excursions to major cities and companies, team building events as well as international business lectures.

Feedback from IPB-Students at Campus Mosbach:

"The IPB is probably a unique chance to get international experience in a well-known environment, without travelling abroad. The International Office supports the whole semester with lots of good mood, unforgettable experiences and presents a melting pot of different lecturers from all over the world." Melanie Rottmann – Germany

"The IPB has been a completely new adventure full of knowledge, new methodology, and also fun, which is the perfect mixture in order to learn.
First of all, the IPB is a way to meet new people, interact with different cultures, practice your English, as part of knowledge, also they made emphasis in the connection of language by speaking always in English, because in that way we are always connected, and the “language barriers” are broken, it is really surprising how we interact, how in different cultures we can get to the same point, having and sharing the same vision in different aspects, and the German methodology of study for this program is really good.
The IPB also helps you to grow personally, because you live in another house, you live with flat mates, you make a roommate, you have to do everything by yourself, so that helps you to grow, and develop new skills, because in another country, you have to be really responsible for everything that you do. And also, the IPB has complemented the program with fun, which is really important, because in leisure time we have had many excursions in which you also learn how to organize your time, how to work in group, how to share and discover more things about interacting with other cultures.
In three months you can completely turn into a big family that you would have for the rest of your life.
If you have the opportunity to do a semester abroad, do your best to get it, it will be unforgettable, so look for it, get it, and live it!
Vielen Dank Mosbach, Danke Baden-Württemberg, Dankeschön Deutschland, Thankful Ecuadorian." Lissette Salavarría - Ecuador

"Joining the IPB during my 4th semester was the best thing I could do. I met many new people from different countries and it was very interesting to experience all the cultural differences and characteristics. I really enjoyed all the excursions we did during the semester. All in all I’m happy that I made this great experience." Selina Unger - Germany

"The IPB was a great experience with lovely people and a lot of new cultural knowledge." Clara Schlindwein – Germany

"I’ve enjoyed every minute of the IPB – especially the excursions with all students were really fun! For me, IPB was the best semester!" Alica Isenbort– Germany

"I really enjoyed the semester and would recommend the program to everyone. Especially the excursions were amazing." Patrizia Schröder - Germany

"I enjoyed the IPB very much because this semester was really different compared to the German semesters. This time, it was not only about learning the cases of the lessons. It was more important that you get to know each other, the German students as well as the internationals. We learned much about different cultures and had a great time together, especially because of all the great excursions. Because of the fact that the internationals lived in Mosbach, we not only spent time during the lessons together, we also met in our leisure time after the university or at the weekends.

By joining the IPB you can improve your English skills but furthermore you can get new friends from all over the globe – Finland, Hungary, Ecuador, South Korea, and more. When you have a good connection and keep in contact maybe it could become a friendship for the whole life. :)

All in all it was the best semester I have ever had and I can definitely recommend this great experience!" Lorena Schütterle – Germany

"The best opportunity to gain new experiences during your study while meeting different people from all over the world. All at the same time!" Hendrik Anderson – Germany

"The IPB was a wonderful experience with many awesome people and lots and lots of fun. It was a huge difference to the way our normal semesters are structured and definitely a welcome change in our studies." Vanessa Nafzger – Germany

Impressions IPB Fall 2017 in Mosbach

Pictures of the semester

40 students joined the International Program in Business for the Fall 2017 semester. The international and German students received a global business education taught entirely in English by an international staff of professors.

Students from all over the world: Ecuador, the Netherlands, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Hungary and USA stayed for three months at the DHBW Mosbach and had the experience of a lifetime.

The IPB includes an intercultural mix of students, excursions to major cities and companies, team building events as well as international business lectures.

Feedback from IPB-Students at Campus Mosbach:


Ale:"I think the experience that we have all had here is unique and we have created a family. I have enjoyed all the moments here with everyone, classes, trips, etc."


Riley:"Amazing opportunity! Created lifelong friendships, made unforgettable memories, and shared many laughs along the way. An unforgettable experience from canoeing to going to Oktoberfest to simply cooking dinner together in our house."

Ashley:"I had a great time getting to know the students I would have never met without studying abroad. It was an incredible way to make lifelong friends while being somewhere completely new."

South Korea

Oh:"I think IPB is the best program, because students live together and do so many things together (including excursions). For me, I came here for fun experience. And it was so successful because I have so many good friends."

Jo:"I stayed with my friends from different countries for a long time and learned about each other. In the process, there were many things to learn and I got an open mind to see the world from different perspectives."


Fanni:"This is a unique experience to get to know people from all over the world, share our culture and get to know other cultures and traditions. I would recommend this program to everybody because you can learn a lot about other countries and different cultures while making new friends :) The excursions which were organized by the school were really interesting and fun, e.g. Oktoberfest, trip to Cologne, Audi factory visit."


Sarah:"IPB = Inspiring, Purposeful, Breathtaking"

Joycelyn:" his program had a good mix of both lessons and excursions, which made it very enjoyable. Lessons were refreshing as we had lecturers flying in from different parts of the world, even from Hungary. I truly enjoyed the many excursions we had like the Wine Tour, Europapark and Porsche tour."


Melissa:"The program was more than I expected. Learned many new things and meet great people here. Love Mosbach  and IPB excursions."


Lukas S:"It's an experience you won't forget."

Lukas K:"Best opportunity to build up friendships all over the world, improve your English and preparation for studying or working abroad"

Vanessa:"This semester was really the best semester so far!"

Impressions IPB Spring 2017 in Bad Mergentheim

Pictures of the semester

The IPB in Bad Mergentheim offers international and German students the opportunity to receive a global business education taught entirely in English by an international staff of professors.

Students from USA, Hungary, South-Korea and Singapore as well as Germany participated in this year’s program. The IPB includes intercultural mix of students, excursions to major cities and companies as well as an Orientation program and intensive German language course for international students.

Feedback from IPB-Students at Campus Bad Mergentheim:

"Being part of the IPB has allowed me to learn how to be independent, resilient, confident and to appreciate other cultures. Through this program not only have I learned about the German culture, I have also learned about the cultures of other students from China, South-Korea and the USA."

"It was great being in Bad Mergentheim, definitely will miss everyone. I was able to improve my German too."

"Since I was new here, I received so much help from international office staff and also friendly German students. And I used some free days to travel around the cities of Germany."

"The study system here is pretty cozy and interactive. One module is typically finished in a week. There are study trips organized by DHBW where international students and the local German students get to interact with one another and travel to other cities/towns in Germany. For example for our trip to Berlin we explored the national monuments and learned more on the German History."

"I participated in two excursions to Würzburg and Berlin, and I had a very happy time during these days. I made friends there and they are from different countries such as Singapore, Germany and South Korea. We enjoyed our class together."

"It has been an unforgettable experience as I have fulfilled my wish by getting a chance to travel to Europe, meeting many new foreign friends and network with them."

Impressions IPB Spring 2017 in Mosbach

Pictures of the semester

IPB Spring 2017 was a great international experience both for Germans and Internationals.

Everyone had the opportunity to experience cross-cultural teamwork with students from China, Czechia, France, Colombia, Korea, USA, Ecuador, Netherlands and Germany and to participate in many adventurous excursions and interesting lectures.

Feedback from IPB-Students

"Kind people, interesting excursions and valuable lectures. Come to Mosbach and enjoy your life. "

"This program was interesting with the different classes and international teachers. It's amazing meeting people from Germany, Korea, USA, Columbia. It was an amazing time. I had a lot of fun and invaluable experiences. "

"I improved my English skills through speaking English every day. I got to know new people and friends from all over the world. I got a better understanding of other cultures and thinking. All in all the best semester ever."

"The lecturers are real personalities from all over the world and have a huge impressive knowledge. It was a relaxed and lovely atmosphere, everyone is welcomed and accepted. You also can intergrate own ideas. The different and many excursions strengthen the team and connection. All in all it was my best semester so far. I would do it the exact same way again."

"All international students are living in the same house. Therefore, there are a lot of chances, such as improving your English, sharing cultures etc. All students who are participating in IPB take the same classes. There are various kind of excursions. It is super interesting. People who are in charge of this program are super kind."



Detailed Feedback from an international Student:

"From January to April 2017 I took part in the so-called „International Program of Business“at the Baden-Württemberg State Cooperative University.  Irrespective of the fact that it was one of my semester’s abroad, this program was something special for me as it was completely different to my degree in engineering.

Although I started two weeks later that the rest of the group due to scheduling conflicts, I was warmly welcomed into the group.  On the first evening in Mosbach we had an “International Party” where we could get to know the German students in the Program.  This evening was the foundation for the rest of the course in which we not only learnt a lot about business but also made close friendships with people from different cultures.

When I look back on IPB, I have many great memories.  They range from exciting activities like the wine tour, city trips and theme parks to a new interest in the fields of law and negotiation.  As the lecturers were from around the world, it was always uncertain which new surprises were awaiting us in the coming week.  Whether it was a lawyer from Texas, a negotiator from Russia or even a Queen Beatrix impersonator; each lecturer succeeded in bringing something unique to the mix of our program. 

The days were long and the tests were sometimes tough but all in all it took nothing away from the amazing experience that I had in those months.  Mosbach might, at first, look like a boring town; the town is also known as “Nixlosbach” – nothing going on town. After our adventures, I now see it as a place of opportunities, a place where friendships began and a place which will always be a home in Germany.


"Von Januar bis zum April 2017 habe ich an der dualen Hochschule Baden-Württemberg an dem so genannten "International Program of Business" teilgenommen. Abgesehen davon, dass dies eines meiner Auslandssemester war, war mir dieses Programm etwas Besonderes, da es ganz anders als mein eigentliches Studium, Maschinenbau, ist."

Obwohl ich aufgrund von Überschneidungen der Stundenpläne zwei Wochen später als der Rest der Gruppe begann, wurde ich von der Gruppe herzlich aufgenommen. Am ersten Abend in Mosbach hatten wir die "International Party", bei der wir die deutschen Teilnehmer unseres Programmes etwas besser kennen lernen konnten. An diesen Abend bildete sich die Basis für den Rest des Programms, in dem ich nicht nur viel auf dem Geschäftsfeld gelernt habe, sondern auch sehr gute Freunde aus verschiedenen Kulturen gemacht habe.

Wenn ich an das IPB zurückdenke, kommen mir viele schöne Erinnerungen. Sie reichen von spannenden Aktivitäten wie Wein-Touren, Städtereisen und Vergnügungsparks bis zu neuem Interesse auf dem Gebiet von Recht und Verhandlungen. Mit Lehrern aus der ganzen Welt war es immer ungewiss, welche neuen Überraschungen in der nächsten Woche für uns bereitstehen würden. Ob es sich um einen Anwalt aus Texas, einen Verhandlungsführer aus Russland oder sogar einen Königin Beatrix-Imitator handelte; Jeder Lehrer hat es geschafft, etwas Einzigartiges in die Mischung zu bringen, die unser Programm war.

Die Tage waren lang und die Tests waren manchmal hart, aber das alles nahm nichts von den erstaunlichen Erfahrungen, die ich in diesen Monaten gewann. Mosbach mag wie eine langweilige Stadt aussehen, wenn man sie zuerst ansieht; die Stadt ist ja auch als Nixlosbach bekannt. Nach unseren Abenteuern sehe ich es aber als Ort der Möglichkeiten, einen Ort, an dem Freundschaften begonnen haben, und ein Ort der für mich immer in Deutschland zu Hause bleiben wird."

Koos von Heusden, Niederlande

Detailed feedback from a DHBW-Student (IPB17S)

"You would think that gaining international experience is only possible abroad.  If you look at the International Program in Business, in which I took part during my 4th Semester at the DHBW, you soon see that this is not the case and that this international experience is also possible in Germany.  The IPB is a program in which DHBW students from different degree programs – for example Business studies, Trade and Business-Industry – join with international students for lectures and to learn together. Our internationals came from every corner of the world providing a colourful mix that not only enriched our many excursions and lectures, but, far more, our time together.  Therefore it wasn’t surprising that lecturers would explain things in Spanish or French to really make sure that everyone understood.

IPB didn’t just give me the opportunity to take courses in English but also to learn different views and perspectives and to have a great experience."


"Man würde meinen, internationale Erfahrungen zu sammeln, sei auch nur im Ausland möglich. Wenn man jedoch einen Blick auf das International Program in Business wirft, welches ich im Zuge meines vierten Semesters an der DHBW mitmachen durfte, merkt man schnell, dass dem nicht so     ist, und dass die besagten Erfahrungen auch innerhalb Deutschlands zu finden sind. Das IPB ist nämlich ein Programm, indem DHBW-Studenten verschiedener Studienrichtungen –u.a. BWL- Handel und BWL- Industrie und internationale Studenten in einem Kurs Vorlesungen besuchen und gemeinsam lernen. Unsere Internationals kamen aus allen Ecken der Welt, sodass eine bunte Mischung vertreten war, die nicht nur unsere zahlreichen Exkursionen und Vorlesungen, sondern viel mehr das Miteinander bereichert hat. Dadurch war es nicht sehr verwunderlich,   wenn Dozenten eine Sache auch auf spanisch oder französisch erklärt haben, um auch wirklich sicherzustellen, dass jeder alles verstanden hat.

Ich hatte durch das IPB nicht nur die Möglichkeit meine Kurse auf englisch zu belegen, sondern verschiedene Sichtweisen kennenzulernen und tolle Erfahrungen zu sammeln."

Saskia, Stec