International Program in Engineering (IPE)

One semester program in English

International Program in Engineering (IPE) is a One Semester Program offered in Spring in the field of Engineering.

Entry requirement for students is a ‘near-bachelor’ level (at least 5 semesters, undergraduate) in an engineering study course, so that basic knowledge in mathematics, physics, information management/programming (at least one programming language) and general technical modules is covered. However, we want to attract a wide range of engineering disciplines, so the program should be open and feasible for a variety of studies, including Mechatronics, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Business Engineering and Business Information.

Students need to have the ambition to obtain and develop cross-disciplinary skills and competencies. The language of instruction is English, including all documentation, lectures and lab modules (Recommended: English B1 or better). The target group of the program consists of two different segments:

· Students from International DHBW Partner Universities
· Students of DHBW Mosbach, School of Engineering

Information for DHBW Students - IPE 2019