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All systems go - Start of IPB17F

2. Oktober 2017

Cannstatter Wasen

In the middle of September the International Program in Business started with 39 students from all over the world including 14 DHBW students.
Our first two weeks were packed with group-building events in the beautiful Odenwald, and also included a traditional highlight “The Cannstatter Wasen.”
Having created a great group dynamic, we get down to business with lectures with international faculty.

Forest Jump
We made our first excursion to Forest Jump. We were able to learn about teamwork as we worked with various activities in the beautiful nature of Germany. The weather was also very good and it was a good time to have a good experience with my friends.
We did not know each other well, but we became friends with the Forest Jump.
In order to complete the challenges, we had to cooperate with each other, so we got to know each other naturally and it was so much fun.

Intercultural Experience                                                                                                                 We had an Intercultural party at the Mensa in DHBW Mosbach. We had drinks and snacks all together in the evening. The existing international friends had been friends for 2 weeks but was not friendly with German friends yet. Through the party, we could have a chance to get to know each other. But it was a good time to talk to each other and get to know each other. We also shared the party culture of each country which was really interesting. It was more meaningful because students actively participated in the party.

Canoeing & Wine tour
We took a canoe, tasted the wines by each type, and had a barbecue party. There were many friends who were new to canoeing, but we could finish safely without accident. After having a good time in the canoe, the wine expert gave us an explanation of the type of wine. Finally, we finished the day with a delicious barbecue. The weather was really good and it was a satisfying day.

We went to Stuttgart to the Oktoberfest. It was a very big festival that many students came to think of as Germany, so expectations were really great. And the festival was really fun. Many friends wore traditional dress. It was a great opportunity to experience German culture. The German beer was really good, and the feeling of being together was the best. It was exciting music, good people and happy times. It was also a meaningful place to hang out with other Germans there.

(Authors: Joe and Oh, International IPB-Students from Korea)