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Further adventures of IPB

27. Oktober 2017

Pow wow and Europapark

Although courses with the international lecturers are well underway in IPB, we took some time out to get to know a little more about everyone's countries. The Pow wow was a great way for students from each corner of the world to share a little more of their culture! Everyone had the chance to impress the others with food, music, games, or even hand crafted items from their home country. Some chose to show short videos so that we could see what their country had to offer, while others told us some quirks their country has. Overall, the message was clear: We all want the others to visit us in our home countries and our homes will always be open to each other in the future. It’s extremely comforting to know that we will always have the connections we are making here in Mosbach.

Just two days later, we went to the Europa Park, the second largest theme park in Europe. The size was great; in line with its fame.
We were there for about seven hours, and even that time was not enough. We felt a tremendous thrill ride on the roller coaster. It was time to get close to each other while riding the rides, overcoming our fears together.