Meldung im Detail


German culture up close

13. März 2018

After two weeks of classes and the first exams, the process of getting to know each other and each other's cultures continued with the "Pow-Wow", a company visit to "Ensinger" and to Stuttgart, where team work was needed, to solve the riddles of the "escape rooms".
At the "Pow-Wow" every nation prepared a movie, a dish, a game or a presentation to teach the others students about traditions and their countries.
It was a fun and interesting time and everyone was then looking forward to the next excursion, which was our 2 day trip to Nürnberg.

First, we visited ‘Faber-Castell’, the world's first hexagonal pencil maker and the largest producer of pencils. After that, we went to ride thrilling Karts. The team consisted of 3 persons who had to race for 70 minutes, requiring teamwork and strategic skills. The next day we visited a beer company ‘Tucher’, enjoyed a refreshing beer and ate Schäufele, a new experience for the international students.

On Friday, March 9th, the IPB-spring class went to Gundelsheim to enjoy a wine-tasting and dinner in a very typical "Besenwirtschaft". We got to try 4 different local wines and many culinary specialties, and had an enjoyable evening with lots of fun, new information and delicious food.

In summary, you can say that we learned a lot about the variety of German culture.