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Sad but true - IPB is over!

13. Dezember 2017

Inspiring, Purposeful, Breathtaking

IPB not only stands for "International Program in Business", it also means "Inspiring, Purposeful, Breathtaking", as Sarah from Singapore described it in her feedback. Hannes from the DHBW Mosbach said:"The IPB was definitely my favorite semester so far, it proved that studying in Mosbach can be much more than lectures and learning, but also get into contact with nice persons from all over the world and make great excursions and experiences you will never forget." Jarett from the USA summed up his semester:"It was the experience of a lifetime."

All the IPB students said in the evaluation that their expectations for the semester were exceeded.

That is all what the IPB Team wanted to achieve.

We would like to thank all the students for their enthusiastic participation in the Program!!!