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Start of IPB Fall 2018

25. September 2018

An exciting week for DHBW Mosbach as we welcomed our international students for the IPB Fall program. The students coming from all over the world representing eight different countries! We are thrilled to have such a fantastic mix of different perspectives and cultures.

The week began with a Forest Jump activity where the students took on an adventure and experience that got them out of their comfort zone for some quality fun. From team bonding activities to scaling across trees over 8 meters in the air, the day was filled with exhilaration and team growth.

The next exciting activity was the team dinner and social event. The students were tasked with organizing a dinner with an authentic Oktoberfest theme. A fun filled night allowed students to bond outside of an academic setting. 

The week ended with a bang as we traveled to an Audi factory for a tour and then onto Stuttgart for lunch and escape games. A day away from the lovely town of Mosbach was a great way for students to continue to get to know each-other and experience different parts of Germany.

We look forward to a fantastic term filled with learning and growth!