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Start of IPE 2018

3. Mai 2018

The modules of the IPE15 course include a lot of topics like Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things. To get a better insight into the implementation of these topics, we had an excursion to the Hannover fair last week.

The Hannover fair is a very important industrial fair with a lot of companies and universities showing their latest developments. You can find implementations within the whole industry supply chain which aims to simplify and shorten your processes and make them more efficient. All of the students had chosen one development which they liked the most, to present it to the IPE class afterwards.

Our excursion started on Tuesday, 24th April. After arriving in Hannover, we first had some free time at the fair and had the possibility to explore some inventions on our own. In connection with that we had a tour through the Siemens booth where they showed us their highlights and gave us some additional information. Siemens provided us with good interaction to the digital world, where we were introduced to new Siemens technologies. Afterwards, we went to our hostel to stay the night and recover from the Hannover Fair.

On Wednesday, our day started with a tour through the SAP booth where latest software in the SAP environment was shown to us. Subsequently we again had some free time at the fair and took the opportunity to talk with some companies and tried some of the exhibited tools.

After the fair, our excursion continued with a bus ride to Hamburg to spend the evening there and explore parts of the city. The next day we had an interesting tour to different attractions in Hamburg with a tour guide. She showed us the most famous places of the city and told us some background information about the history. The tour provided all the students with plenty of moments to take beautiful pictures. After the sightseeing, it was time to head back to Mosbach.