"New Study" - because "New Work" already begins with your studies.

  • Try something new ... and study dual from home
  • Don't let restrictions on your mobility keep you from studying ... and become a Computer Scientist 
  • Live diversity and inclusion ... with lecturers and students of different genders, age groups and cultures
  • Make friends ... and build a new social network without leaving your old one
  • Set trends ... and be there when "New Work" becomes "New Study"

"New Study" - the challenging computer science degree with maximum fun factor

The modern world of work is changing ("New Work") - other expertise, skills, and leadership qualities are required. But how do you learn "New Work"? The answer is: "New Study". We co-create a space to design and experience new and agile ways of learning and working as a community - research-based and accompanied by coaches.  
According to the motto "study today what is needed tomorrow" (Future Skills), your lecturers are drawn from DHBW as well as start-ups, and experienced design thinking coaches with first-hand experience of industry. It might happen, that you will learn programming through hackathons or other gamified methods. You might experience electives like Games that will equip you with the finishing touches of Advance Software Engineering Skills or attend “Technical English” employing Task-Based Learning methodology, for example with Lego.  
All lectures are in English and synchronous. We will see you on Discord, in Minecraft or Matrix.io and as Computer Scientist you can co-create your virtual world. Join us in the first week of October to be part of the design team.  
We believe in Teambuilding events to build and enhance your skills for the world of "New Work" through "New Study"!


Just contact us here 

We will be happy to answer your questions. Of course, the dual study programme also includes practical experience - be it virtual, hybrid or on-site. Find out more - we will put you in touch with the dual partners. Innovation and creativity come from diversity. Of course, we are addressing people of all genders with this project and are especially looking forward to enquiries from all those for whom face-to-face studies are not an option.

We look forward to meeting you!