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English Version - Double Degree Program

New Double Degree Program within the International Business Degree Course

Starting in the winter semester 2015/16, for the first time, DHBW has been offering its International Business students an opportunity to complete a double degree in conjunction with a Latin American University, the Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga (UNAB) in Colombia.

Upon successful completion participants will receive both degrees – a German Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and the Colombian equivalent, the Pregrado Profesional de Administración de Empresas. Eligible to apply to the double degree program are the students of DHBW Mosbach Campus Bad Mergentheim, who major in Business Administration and minor in International Business.

Ideal Qualification for the Latin American Economic Region

The intensive exchange experience of the students taking part in the double degree program in Colombia in their final year of study enhances their international skills. Successful graduates acquire a highly valuable expertise enabling them to efficiently operate in the emerging Latin American markets.

  • High Spanish language proficiency
  • Enhancement of intercultural competencies
  • Increased global awareness and across-the-board thinking

The acquired double degree demonstrates that the graduates meet the requirements of both universities and their workplace training providers. Skills gained during the lengthy study period spent abroad significantly contribute to the graduates‘ further development. As a result, the participants of the program acquire field-related expertise, expand their horizons and gain cultural awareness and are, therefore, ideally prepared to work and specialize in the Latin American Region.

DAAD Quality Seal

The DAAD is supporting the double degree program of UNAB and DHBW during the 2017-2019 funding phase as a part of its “Integrated International Degree Programs with Double Degrees” project. The DAAD has also decided to award DHBW its exceptional Quality Seal (‚Qualitätssiegel des DAAD‘) for the university’s development of double degree programs.