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Computer scientists work in all sectors and are in demand like never before. They design and create software, manage IT projects, analyse data, train AI systems, secure software systems against threats, advise companies, conduct research and take on many exciting IT-related tasks. The career prospects have been outstanding for many years and will be for the future.

You find our graduates in a wide variety of sectors: in medical technology, in the automotive industry, in banks, in retail, in industrial companies, in non-profit organisations, in media companies, in aviation, in logistics or even in start-ups. Professionals for digitalisation and innovation are in demand virtually everywhere.

Apart from technical knowledge, your courses include key qualifications like time management, goal setting, progress measuring, finding appropriate learning methods, controlling distractions and building self-confidence. You can actively become part in shaping this new, agile learning model by giving your feedback in evaluations. You will get in touch with your fellow students from different locations and meet students who are already more advanced on our interactive platform. Your lecturers are dedicated and experienced practitioners who offer mixed methods, group work and show you the safe handling of the core technologies. As this is a coordination project, you can benefit from our elective courses and networking between online and in-class students.

Please note that you do not direct apply at DHBW. To register as a student you must have an employment contract with one of our partner companies. You can find a list of free places here: 


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