Spring 2023 in Mosbach

Impressions - IPB Campus Mosbach (Fall and Spring)

IPB23S was definitely a unique semester. It was a class of  32 students from South Korea and Columbia joining DHBW students. We held most classes in person and all our excursions were an unforgetable experience for the students, for example, indoor skydiving, escape rooms, two-day trip to Cologne, go-kart race and a wine tour through the vineyards.

Feedback from former IPB-Students at Campus Mosbach:

“My experience at IPB 2023 was really exciting since the first day where I was able to surround myself with colleagues with a different culture. On the other hand, the IPB gave me the opportunity to significantly improve my English in conversational and listening fields. And about Mosbach, I can say that it was a wonderful place to make my exchange. Despite being a small city, it had a cozy and friendly atmosphere which made me feel at home, added to it the education I received from the DHBW university helped me expand my knowledge in areas of my professional career." (Ana Maria Galindo, Colombia)

"The IPB positively forced me to get out of my comfort zone and develop professionally, personally, but also socially. Of course, the various excursions rounded out the entire program. I can definitely recommend the IPB program to everyone!"  (Sammy Malagurski, DHBW Mosbach)

"Studying for a semester in the IPB was an incredibly enriching experience that I would recommend to anyone. I had the opportunity to learn and communicate in a completely new environment, make new friendships, and learn about new cultures. It helped me improve my intercultural competence and boost my confidence. I collected many unforgettable memories and the experience helped me broaden my horizons and change my perspective. I think studying in a different language was one of the best decisions to improve the English skills, and I would recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to do so.” (Alina Bechtel, DHBW Mosbach)

“I'd want to tell you about my incredible time in the IPB exchange program in Mosbach, Germany. I'd want to express my gratitude for the time I was able to be part of this program and the possibilities it provided. During my time at Mosbach, I had the opportunity to visit many firms throughout Germany, which was a professional enrichment experience. I was able to discover personally how businesses function in another nation, giving me a global perspective and broadening my views. This has really benefited my career and expanded my prospects for future employment. Furthermore, the program allowed me to meet colleagues from all over the world, which led to the formation of wonderful friendships and long-lasting relationships. Sharing experiences with individuals from other cultures provided me with a fresh view on the world and broadened my life.I'd also like to emphasize the significance of having professors from various nations. The professors I met at Mosbach were outstanding, and their innovative teaching style aided in the development of my critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. I am thankful for the information they shared with me, which has enriched both my personal and professional life. Overall, my stay in the IPB exchange program in Mosbach was a fantastic experience. It has presented me with several chances, both on a personal and professional level. I am thankful for the friends I met, the lessons I learned, and the opportunities I got provided. I hope that many other students will be able to experience what I experienced.” (Juan David Sanchez, Colombia)

You can find more feedbacks on Linkedin.

Watch a short video by a former IPB-Student to get a detailed impression of IPB at Campus Mosbach:

Short Video by a former international IPB-Student from the USA.

Why IPB is the "best semester ever“?

Spring 2023 in Bad Mergentheim

Impressions - IPB Spring Campus Bad Mergentheim

It’s a go! We are excited to offer our IPB in Bad Mergentheim this spring again.
IPB 2023 in Bad Mergentheim will be definitely an amazing time. We are a class of 17 Incomings from Finland, Singapore, USA and 10 DHBW students. Our international lecturers will provide great classes in person, for example as "Leadership, Ethics and Sustainability".  In addition, our excursions will be an unforgetable experience for our students. 

Feedback from former IPB students in Bad Mergentheim:

Garret, IPB 2022 University of North Florida:

"The Students
What I enjoyed the most about my studies at Bad Mergentheim was the friendliness of the students at the university. Not only were the students at the university incredibly welcoming to the international students of the International Program in Business, but they also regularly extended invites to every international student to activities outside the university. This consistent kindness and welcoming atmosphere made the entire time of my studies here at the university a lot more enjoyable and exciting as I never knew what was awaiting me each day.

Looking back
After spending the past several months here in Bad Mergentheim, I can’t help but reflect on all the enjoyable experiences I had here. From the school-scheduled trips, like the local wine hike and the Tauber river tour to the trips that I took with my fellow students like my trip to the Black Forest, I have had plenty of adventures I never would have had if I hadn’t come to the DHBW. Every day I spent here has allowed me to grow as an individual and given me numerous stories to take back to my home university. More than anything, however, I am grateful for the opportunities that have presented themselves to me while on this trip and know without a shadow of a doubt that I will not be leaving this country the same person when I first arrived."

Impressions IPB 2023 Bad Mergentheim